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Friday, 29 August 2014

STAR MOOLAM - the hidden Truth in Hindu

The fear about birth moolam is mother-in-law will become a widow. We know many persons in moolam are leading a successful life after marriage, their parents are still living happily. Yet we trust the age old saying that moolam is bad for father in law. Now let us see the fact about moolam.

The age old saying about Birth Star Moolam is ' AANN MOOLAM ARASALUM, PENN MOOLAM NIRMOOLAM'. We think, only Males born in Moolam will lead a very good life like a King, and females born in Moolam will destroy the family. Due to this fear we  do not wish to consider a Girl born in Moolam for marriage. This is due to our ignorance about Moolam. Now let us see what is said in Astrology about Moolam. After reading it your fear will go away.

The real saying was ' AANI MOOLAM ARASALUM, PIN MOOLAM NIRMOOLAM'  NOT 'AANN MOOLAM ARASALUM, PENN MOOLAM NIRMOOLAM'. The real meaning of this is as follows. Persons born in Moolam in the Tamil month 'Aani'  are blessed with 'POWRNAMI YOGAM'. This will do a lot of good to them including a chance to rule. So it is said 'AANI MOOLAM ARASALUM'.

'PIN MOOLAM' refers to the 4th Padham of Moolam. People born in the 4th Quarter of Moolam are blessed with the capacity to overcome all problems successfully. They are capable of winning their enemies if any. This is called 'NIRMOOLAM'(POWER TO WIN ENEMIES).  you will note from this that the word 'PIN' (which stands for 4th Padham) has become 'Penn' (Girl).

The belief 'Moolam is not good for Father-in-law' is not applicable to all girls with Birth Star Moolam. 3rd house from Lagnam is the house of Father-in-law. If 'Kethu' is in this house or found in 4th, or 9th house from Lagnam, there is a possibility of Dosham to Father-in-law. Pariharam can be done. This is not applicable to Boys, since no such dosham is caused by them.

Moolam is the star of Kethu. Pariharam can be done in one of the following places in South India by people Born in Moolam.

1. In the Vellai Vinayagar Temple at Thiruvalanchuzhi near Kumbakonam.
2. At the 'Pathala Vinayagar Temple ' in Kalahasthi near Tirupathi.

3. At "Keezhperumpallam,( Kethu's Place) near Mayiladuthurai (Mayuram).
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