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Wednesday, 6 August 2014


What is Joint Family System?

People in general tell that the Joint family system is the one that has various relatives live together in one house. It is not just living in a house together with the sisters, brothers, aunts and uncles and grannies. Joint family system is something more than living together. When there is a joint family system the automatic love and affection is created between the members of the family. People share the views and ideas with each other. The elder of the family will be very helpful in guiding all the other members of the family. The kids will have lots of options to learn many things from various persons of the family. This is how the joint family system was tuned in the olden days. 

Advantages of Joint family system

Joint family system is of great advantage in our country. The people of Tamilnadu share everything with their family and also perform all the rituals and celebrate all the festivals as a whole family. In this aspect the joint family system has a very great advantage over the normal family system. The main advantage of the joint family system in Tamilnadu is that the members of the family get various things learned from the elders of the family. The children are also given good exposure in the family. It is very good to see the house wife of different brothers working together in various festivals and special occasions. 

The members of the family celebrate the festivals together. This is the first main advantage of the joint family system. The kids in the family have great chance to learn many things from various relations and moreover they will have a very good time to play with everyone in the family. The cooking will also done equally by all the ladies in the house so that the views and the ideas will be shared together in order to reveal a good variety and healthy food item at the end. The love will also be equally shared between all the members of the family. The ego issues and various other issues will be eradicated from the minds of the people. 

According to the Tamil culture the Joint family system produces a very good vibration to the members of the family. If there are many ideas in the minds of the members of the family then the knowledge of each and every person will be equally shared among everyone. This is one of the great things about the Joint Family system. People of Tamilnadu have the great festivals celebrated throughout the year. If they are in the joint family then the preparations for all the festivals and special occasions will be great. Moreover the members of the family plan accordingly and decorate the house by getting appropriate advice from the elders of the family. This is how the knowledge part is shared in the family. Moreover the other special occasions like marriage are also done in the house itself. 

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